We set up this publishing house by faith. To answer this question:

“Now as parents we realise that building up a child’s faith is our main responsibility. Is there any book which can help us?”

WE PUBLISHED peraHU seri 1-ASALKAN BAPA BERSAMAKU (As long as the Father is with me)

And peraHU seri 2-JANGAN TUNDA, SEGERA TAAT (Don’t delay, Do obey)

“Do you have any children and or family camp’s  follow-up book?”

To answer this question we published the PELENGKAP peraHU seri 1-IMAN (A supplement book to peraHU seri 1-FAITH)

Do look forward for the PELENGKAP peraHU seri 2-THE WORD, will get published!


Thanking GOD, peraHU and PELENGKAP peraHU very well accepted by teachers,  parents and children; in Jakarta and other areas in Indonesia.

The students and teachers at Public Elementary School in Biak Island very happy receiving the peraHU seri 1 and 2.

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