ADA PENGHARAPAN bagi yang sakit dan yang merawat. Kisah nyata beserta solusinya.
THERE IS HOPE for those who are ill and those who care for them. Based on true story.

Pengharapan adalah sebuah kata indah yang dibutuhkan setiap manusia untuk tetap bertahan hidup.
Buku yang ditulis oleh seorang survivor kanker ini patut dibaca, karena dapat membangkitkan semangat bagi setiap pembacanya, tidak hanya bagi pasien kanker.
dr. Rebecca N. Angka, M. Biomed.
Koordinator support group kanker Yayasan Kanker Indonesia, Jakarta

Hope is a beautiful word that every human needed to keep survive.
This book written by a cancer survivor is a must read, because it could encourage the reader, not only for a cancer patient.
Dr Rebecca N. Angka, M.Biomed.
The coordinator of cancer support group of Indonesian Cancer Institution, Jakarta

2 thoughts on “ADA PENGHARAPAN

  1. TOLONG, PLEASE, I have only one copy of this book, “Ada Pengharapan”, which was written by my father, Robert Hillman. My name is Mrs Roslyn (Hillman) Elkington. I think my copy was sent to me several years ago by Coral Chamberlain, co-author.
    I spend a lot of time in Indonesia myself now, with the Gereja Kristen Protestan di Bali and the children’s homes there, and I am having language lessons now. I have been speaking about the book and the gospel with several of my teachers, and they have been very positive. I would like to order 20 copies online to give to teachers here and to staff at the children’s home or church etc. I tried to find them online (as per one review online from 2015), but I couldn’t find any. Please could you tell me if there is anywhere you know where I could buy as many copies as possible? I think thhhis could be a great kingdom opportunity for me to spread the hope of Jesus as my Dad would have wanted.
    Yours in HOPE!
    Roz Elkington

    1. Hello Roz,
      I’m very glad you sent me this message. I can ask the printer in Jakarta to send your order to you. Would you please send your mail address to Thank you.

      It is very encouraging to know you are in Indonesia and share God’s love to many friends there.

      Yours in the same HOPE!

      Eva Kristiaman

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